Monday, July 7, 2008

International, Historical and Contemporary Art

The Art Gallery of Western Australia acquires works of art that build upon the principal strength of the Collection Stories of Habitation.

Indigenous Art - The Gallery acquires Australian Indigenous art, with a particular focus on enriching the representation of Western Desert, Kimberley and South West artists and communities. Clusters of works of art may be identified and developed to reflect a breadth of artists, to reinforce the strength of the community context and present the diversity of Indigenous artistic practice.

Australian Art - The Gallery acquires works of art by Australian artists with national reputations, from the historical and contemporary periods. In so doing, it will further enhance this key Collection strength. Further, the Gallery seeks to introduce the work of emerging artists.

Western Australian Art - The Art Gallery of Western Australia represents Western Australian artists with exemplary work from the historical and contemporary period, to build areas of key strength, artistic movements and/or artists. The Gallery acquires the work of WA artists to ensure the pre-eminence of this most unique area of concentration in the State Art Collection.

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