Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Graduate Studies in Art History

The MA program in Curatorial and Museum Studies is an innovative new course breaking new ground in Australia as the first course of its kind to utilise the expertise of practising gallery and museum professionals to teach around the theoretical and practical aspects of researching, designing and mounting exhibitions in museums and galleries. The program will be will be taught jointly by the Director and Curators of the Art Gallery of South Australia, the Art History staff of the University of Adelaide and ArtLab.

This course follows on from the successful postgraduate program in Art History which commenced at the Gallery in 2000. This course remains a leader in its field, offering students the chance to study art through the collections and special exhibitions of a major art museum, supported by University-based lectures and tutorials.

Students are expected to take 4 Graduate Diploma courses in Art History followed by 2 specialist MA courses in Curatorial and Museum Studies, which also includes a 20-day internship in a gallery or museum. Subjects offered in 2007 include Australian Art, European Art; Modern Art; Indigenous Art; and MA Program in Curatorial and Museum Studies.

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