Monday, October 12, 2009

Fine Art compilations

'Lifeboat going to a vessel in distress' by William Joy (1803-1859)

The Waterfall by John Sell Cotman

Saxthorpe Church by Rev James Bulwer

Norwich River: Afternoon by John Crome

The earliest collection of paintings to be acquired by the Norwich Museum was in 1841 when Captain William Manby, the inventor of early effective life saving equipment at sea, presented a unique collection of seventeen seascapes in oil and watercolour, originally commissioned by him to illustrate and promote his invention. Manby, who lived at Great Yarmouth, was the patron of William and John Cantiloe Joy and set them upon their careers as successful marine artists. The gift includes works by other notable marine painters of the day, including two by F. L. T. Francia, the only oil paintings known by this internationally recognised watercolourist.

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