Sunday, September 21, 2008

Industrial, Aerospace, and Marine Painting

The GSA Schedule 03 FAC offers a wide range of services for surface preparation and application of chemical compounds. The applications may be used on federal equipment, machinery, ships, aircraft, and vehicles. Please note that this does not include passenger cars, trucks, or buses.

Surface Preparation:

Services related to the preparation for application of chemical compounds and support training/consultation services as they pertain to preparation for and could include, but are not limited to:

* Abrasive air, wet, micro or wheel blasting;
* Vibratory and mass finishing;
* Shot peening;
* Lapping and grinding;
* Drag or high energy barrel finishing;
* Mechanical scarification;
* Acid etching;
* Ultrasonic.

Application of Chemical Compounds:

These services include painting and sealant application on ships, aircraft, vehicles and other equipment or machinery surface that requires application of chemical compound, such as paint, sealant, coatings, or adhesives. These services could include, but are not limited to:

* Bridge painting;
* Electrostatic painting;
* Engineering structure (e.g., oil storage tank, water tower) painting;
* Aluminum coating;
* Bonderizing, chasing, enameling, enameling, etching, flocking, galvanizing;
* Glazing, hot dip galvanizing, japanning, lacquering, parkerizing;
* Powder coating, rust proofing, sherardizing, or varnishing.

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