Friday, May 16, 2008

Government Art Collection on-line database

The Government Art Collection includes works in a range of media - paintings, sculptures, drawings and watercolours, prints, photographs and textiles. The majority are by British artists and they cover a wide span, both historically and in terms of subject matter, ranging from 16th-century portraits to contemporary landscape photographs. Works have been acquired by purchase, commission, gift and bequest.

The on-line database currently contains information on over 7000 works - almost all the paintings, drawings, sculpture and textiles in the Collection, as well as a substantial number of prints and photographs. We are adding to these all the time.

The number of good quality images on the website is continually increasing. Whenever works of art displayed overseas return to London, we take the opportunity to have them photographed and reassess their documentation. As research unearths new attributions and other art historical information, our records are updated and the information reflected on the website.

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